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How to Choose a Wood Bat

Each player has his own feelings about the bat that performs best for his game. Each HOOSIER BAT can be ordered in a length and weight commensurate with each player's size, weight, age and strength. We frequently get asked how to choose the right wood bat for players switching over from aluminum. Aluminum bats have been designed to be easy to hit with. They are weighted with the majority of the weight in the handle so they feel light for the mere 3 sizes and one shape they come in.

Wood bats are made of a natural material so the weight is where the wood is, at the end. A player who swings a 33 inch 30 ounce aluminum bat usually finds a 33 inch 30 ounce wood bat much heavier. The closer a weight is to your body the more manageable it is to hit with. Pick up a wood bat and swing it. Now hold it by the barrel end and swing it again. It feels much lighter, right? Same length, same weight, same bat but it "feels" lighter to swing because the weight is closer to you. To get the right feel for the type of hitter you are there are factors such as handle shape, handle thickness, knob shape, barrel shape and balance that can be adjusted to find the right combination for each player.

Players first switching from aluminum usually want a better-balanced bat. For these players HOOSIER BAT has designed the Model HB105 to have the best balance, the extra weight acting as a counter balance to the weight at the barrel end of the bat. The Model HB105 has a thin handle and smaller barrel (2 13/32"), but is one of our most popular models.

Players who have been swinging wood for a while like an end-loaded bat, that is, they want to feel the weight at the end of the bat. This is so they can generate more power with good balance. The Model HB215 has these qualities. It is an end-loaded bat with a large hitting surface (2 1/2") and thick handle (1").

The most popular bat is the Model HB235. It has a contoured - or what we call an ice cream cone shaped - knob for a more comfortable bottom hand grip. It is the most popular bat of the Major League players we supply.

For those players who would tend to break bats more often HOOSIER BAT offers the Model HB325. This model has a thicker handle with an extended - longer barrel and a great bat for a power hitter.

Selecting what is right for you is an exercise in combining the shape that feels best in your hands with the balance that suits your swing and experience. This is part of the fun of swinging a wood bat. You can tailor the bat to your style of game and become a better hitter using wood to practice daily. Wood bats make your swing shorter, more direct to the ball and more efficient. The sweet spot is smaller and the accuracy necessary to swing a wood bat is far greater than with aluminum. Swinging a wood bat will make you a better hitter with aluminum and teach you to play the game the way it was designed to be played.

If you have any further questions about which bat you should use, call us at (800)228-3787 and we'll be happy to help you choose.

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